NxtGen Committee

The NxtGen Committee is responsible for the NxtGen and NxtGenPlus initiatives and is made up of a team of dedicated volunteers. The committee has been structured by responsibilities, with some committee members covering multiple responsibilities and supported by working groups where appropriate.

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Will Slater

Committee Chair

Role: Chairs the committee, and is accountable for the delivery of the IAM's Enduring Objectives and strategy for members, whilst maintaining alignment with central IAM activities.

Biography: Will is an Asset Risk & Strategy Analyst at Northern Gas Networks, working in the asset-intensive, regulated gas distribution industry. During his time at Northern Gas Networks, Will has spent time leading and supporting a wide variety of projects across the asset management system, including Risk Analysis, Investment Planning and Strategic Planning. Passionate about the industry and bringing in more graduates, Will guides the NxtGen Committee to deliver the strategy to support the IAM moving forward.

Lisbeth Concho

USA Chapter NxtGen Lead

Role: Lead the establishment of NxtGen activity in USA Chapter that aligns with the IAM's Enduring Objectives.

Biography: Lisbeth is a consultant at WSP USA with over 11 years' experience in public, private and academic organizations. Since joining WSP, Lisbeth has worked with different agencies including the Port Authority of NY & NJ and is responsible for the development of tools to forecast life cycle costs. She previously worked as research assistant at the School of Systems & Enterprises at Stevens Institute of Technology and project delivery lead for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York where she managed, monitored and supported a variety of strategic and tactical asset management projects.

Niklas Ottovordemgentschenfelde

German Chapter NxtGen Lead

Role: Leads the establishment of NxtGen activity for IAM Germany that with the IAM's Enduring Objectives.

Biography: Niklas works as a management consultant at meliorate, a leading German infrastructure consultancy. He supports clients from various infrastructure industries with their different challenges. His core competencies cover the development of Asset Management and Asset Service strategies as well as the organisation and restructuring of infrastructure operators. With a background in international business, Niklas puts emphasis on corporate culture and change management accompanied with complex projects.

Arwen Matthijssen

Netherlands Chapter NxtGen Lead

Role: Leads the establishment of NxtGen activity in the Netherlands Chapter that aligns with the IAM's Enduring Objectives.

Biography: Arwen is an Business Engineer at Oxand, working in the asset-intensive infrastructure and real estate industry. She advises clients, from both the public and private sector, in their different asset management challenges. During her time at Oxand, she spends time supporting a wide variety of projects across the asset management system, in for example Model-based Risk Assessment and Strategic Planning. She previously studied ‘Management in the Build Environment’ and ‘Complex System Engineering and Management’ at the University of Technology in Delft. Arwen strives for bringing in more passionate and innovative graduates, to deliver the strategy of the IAM and moving de asset management evolvement forward.

Richard Rayson

NxtGen Events Lead (North)


Biography: Richard is an Asset Management Consultant with Jacobs. Having worked in operational Facilities Management roles for five years he saw the potential benefit to clients of implementing asset management approaches at strategic and operational level for businesses in all sectors. Based in Manchester, UK, he helps to arrange events in the North of England. Since commencing his involvement with the IAM, Richard has passed the IAM Certificate and presented one of his projects at the IAM Annual Conference 2017.

Tom Elner

NxtGen Revision Session Lead



Jennifer DeVries

NxtGen Events Lead (South)



Binal Patel

NxtGen Events Support (South)



Mital Mistry

NxtGen Marketing & Comms Lead



Yousef Salman

NxtGen Programme Manager



Zahraa Kadri

NxtGen Events Lead (Midlands)



Janvi Shah

NxtGen Events Support (Midlands)



Fatema Walji

NxtGen Membership Support



John Green

NxtGen Advisor and Conference Lead


Biography: John has over 12 years asset management experience with Anglian Water, where he is currently responsible for ISO55001/PAS55 certifications and their Risk, Opportunity and Value process, which enables collaborative, best value asset investment decisions.

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