NxtGen Committee

The NxtGen Committee is responsible for the NxtGen and NxtGenPlus initiatives and is made up of a team of dedicated volunteers. The committee has been structured by responsibilities, with some committee members covering multiple responsibilities and supported by working groups where appropriate.

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Binal Patel

Role: Chair of the IAM NxtGen Committee

Biography: Binal is an Implementation consultant at Copperleaf with experience working with organisations in the Water, Power Generation and Rail Industries. She currently supports organisations in implementing the Copperleaf software to make value-based decisions. Prior to joining Copperleaf, Binal has had experience of leading and supporting a wide variety of projects across the Asset Management System, including building Reliability Engineering tools, Investment Planning and Strategic Planning. Passionate about the industry and bringing in more graduates, Binal supports the NxtGen Committee to deliver the strategy to support the IAM moving forward.

Yousef Salman

Role: NxtGen Programme Manager

Biography: Yousef is an Asset Management Consultant at Atkins, working within the Digital Asset Management practice for key public sector clients, at both a strategic and operational level. Since joining Atkins, Yousef has supported various clients producing Asset Management Strategies, influencing Maintenance Policy through analysis of customer data and developing Performance Management Framework and Key Performance Indicators for maintenance contracts. Yousef is passionate about growing the industry and opening the doors for emerging professionals in asset management and consultancy. Based in Manchester, UK, he supports the organisation of the NxtGen Committee and strategy delivery.

Juliana Aristizabal

Role: Website/Emails Lead & Events Support – Midlands

Biography: Juliana is an asset management consultant working within Atkins' Transportation Business. She has a civil engineering background and an MSc degree in Digital Asset Management which give her the technical knowledge as well as the analytical skills necessary to deliver value for to her clients through Asset Management. Juliana’s critical thinking and ability to present complex information in a visually appealing way allows her to effectively collaborate with clients and stakeholders to communicate technical project outcomes to different audiences. Juliana is currently based in Birmingham, UK and works with clients across the UK.

Charlotte Connelly

Role: Written Content Support & Events Support – Midlands

Biography: Charlotte has been an Asset Manager in Atkins since June 2020, before which she was in the Royal Navy as an Aeronautical Mechanical Engineer. Since starting Atkins, Charlotte has worked on MOD Asset Management implementation projects and platform decommissioning. She has a keen interest in sustainability and resilience and is part of a Sustainability in Design Emerging Professionals network and the IAM Resilience Working Group which is looking at updating the guidance given with regards to how we think about resilience in planning and throughout an asset’s life.

Charlotte Tang

Role: Events Lead – London/South & Marketing/Social Media Support

Biography: Charlotte is an asset management consultant at AMCL with experience working with organisations in the Water, Rail, Power and Telecommunication sectors. She is currently undertaking a secondment with the AMCL US team and is working with the New York City Housing Authority. Charlotte’s core competencies include asset information systems evaluation and asset investment planning. Based in London, Charlotte is the events lead in the South of England.

Iolo Hughes

Role: Listening Content/Podcasts Support & Events Support – Midlands

Biography: Iolo is a consultant at Copperleaf, a leading provider of asset management decision analytics software globally. He is a member of Copperleaf’s UK-based Customer Experience team and has worked with organisations at the heart of the energy and transportation sectors to implement Copperleaf’s solutions and enhance their asset management decision-making processes. His background is in Utilities and Electrical Engineering, and his roles on the NxtGen committee involves contribution to the initiative's regular content releases.

Lena Fricker

Role: Events Support – London/South

Biography: Lena is a Transport and Asset Management consultant at PA Consulting. Her areas of expertise are in digital transformation, business strategy and data analytics. Lena has worked with a range of transport and infrastructure clients, including: Network Rail, Highways England, Transport for Wales and Southeastern Railway. She has previously worked at Transport for London in their Technology and Communications department. Lena has a passion for sustainable and inclusive transport, as well as a diverse workforce.

Meera Patel

Role: Marketing/Social Media Lead & Events Support – Midlands

Biography: Meera is a Graduate Consultant within the Infrastructure Asset Management practice at Atkins. She has a background in Physics and since joining Atkins, Meera has supported a number of clients in various Asset Management Projects, gaining valuable first-hand experience of asset management and planning practices across potable and wastewater asset types. Most recently, Meera has been embedded into a client’s Asset Planning team, where she has been supporting the optimisation of Below Ground Asset schemes and asset investment decisions.

Adam Meadows

Role: Written Content Support & Events Support – London/South

Biography: Adam is a member of the Asset Management Advisory team at KPMG. Since beginning his career in Asset Management in 2017, he’s worked across the defence, aviation, rail and highways sectors, with private and public sector clients in the UK, Australia and US. Adam has worked across a range of projects addressing different areas of the Asset Management System. His experience includes asset management planning, maintenance strategy reviews, lifecycle cost modelling, organisational assessments, asset management coaching sessions, a variety of improvement roadmaps, capability mapping and working within wider digital and organisational transformation programmes.

Shanil Kataria

Role: Written Content Support

Biography: Shan is an Asset Strategy and Investment Planning Advisor at Mott MacDonald with over five years’ experience in Asset Management. He has worked with organisations in several sectors, at varying stages of their Asset Management journey, including in water, gas, electricity and transport. Enabling organisations to achieve sustainable long-term benefits, Shan has led and managed a wide variety of work: from supporting organisations to achieve ISO 55001 accreditation, improve risk management and asset information capabilities, to providing asset management systems implementation assurance.

Stephen Morgan

Role: NxtGen University & New Member Outreach

Biography: Stephen is a Senior Asset Management Consultant at Amey Consulting. He has worked within Asset Management for over six years specialising within Highways and Renewable Energy. Stephen currently helps organisations make informed, strategic decisions about getting value from their assets. He has completed both the IAM’s Certificate and Diploma exams and is passionate about inspiring and engaging with those new to Asset Management. Stephen is a Board Member on the IAM’s Exam Board where he represents Young Professionals and is also the current Chair of the Young Professional Committee for WM CIHT (Chartered Institute of Highways and Transport). He is passionate about the industry and growing its Young Professionals presence. Stephen supports the NxtGen Committee to develop and engage with universities and new members and encourages participation and development within the industry.

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